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To David Willis!

Many years ago I met a couple of fun-loving, outdoorsy type guys who had an annual tradition of inviting friends over to share the bounty of their hunting efforts. We enjoyed quail and dove and venison and other exotic meats amongst folks who rarely had the opportunity to taste such fare. Andy Douthat and David Willis were great hosts and over the years we developed personal, social, and professional relationships and friendships. David was active in the Roanoke Valley, serving as a leader in Rockydale Quarries and on the Founding Board of Hometown Bank. David was drawn to the outdoors by his profession, by his love of nature, and by his passion for adventure. Sadly, David was diagnosed with cancer recently and last night cancer won the battle as David passed away. At 56, David was tooDavid Willis young to die and he leaves behind a wonderful wife and a house full of boys/young men. At Balzer and Associates, Inc. we will miss David Willis. He was a good friend and a great client. We’ll miss the calls to help him navigate around his Craig County retreat using only a compass…we’ll miss the last minute calls to perform a boundary survey that he needed yesterday, and mostly, we’ll miss talking to him. He always had a good story to tell and was happy to share them with us. Today the Roanoke Valley has lost a husband, a father, a friend, and a Leader. To David Willis!

Jim McAden