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America’s Toughest Road Marathon

This weekend Toughest Marathonrunners from across the Country will come to Roanoke, Virginia to compete in the Blue Ridge Marathon. Billed as “America’s Toughest Road Marathon”, the race course includes a total elevation gain/loss of 7,430 feet. Runners who compete in this event are looking for a real challenge, a chance to enjoy some spectacular views, and a chance to be a part of an event that is embraced by the community. The Architects, Engineers, Landscape Architects and Land Surveyors of Balzer and Associates, Inc. approach their work in similar fashion. As a part of the communities in which we work – Richmond, Harrisonburg, Staunton, the New River Valley, and Roanoke- we have a deep passion for the work we do and the communities we live in. Each project gives us an opportunity to help clients overcome challenges. Sometimes these are big and tough and sometimes they just require a little effort in order to achieve the client’s goals. Whenever we can, we want the project to offer spectacular views, whether this be from an internal perspective, an external perspective, or a financial perspective – a project completed within the client’s financial parameters is a beautiful thing!  While we hope that most of our projects won’t be as tough as a marathon, when they are, we have the endurance to “run” beside our clients and finish the race. If you need a running partner or want to be a runner on our team, we’re ready to start.