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Pursuit of Excellence Award

2016-03-06 12 01 52For three years now Balzer and Associates, Inc. has participated in a health insurance captive group, known as Legacy Health. Having just returned from the group’s annual meeting I am delighted to announce that we were the recipient of a “Pursuit of Excellence” award. This award recognizes our employees, our leadership and our company for having a culture of wellness, which includes wellness activities and efforts to reduce our medical costs through preventive care and pharmacy cost containment. Why is this important to our clients, prospective clients and employees? Because it shows that we care about people and we want to be efficient with our health insurance dollars. At Balzer and Associates, Inc. we love what we do: architectural design of a building; engineering design of a site plan or subdivision; structural design of a home or office; landscape design of an outdoor living space; survey of a farm in the country or a site for a new downtown building. Because we love what we do we want to stay healthy to keep doing what we enjoy and we want to minimize the cost of doing so in order to provide our clients with competitive fees. If this is the type of company that you want to work for or do business with, please reach out to us…we are always looking for GREAT team members and clients. We have offices throughout Virginia, including Roanoke, Richmond, the New River Valley, Staunton, and Harrisonburg.

Jim McAden