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imagesCAXUO50WPete came by the office the other day. Pete is a former public sector client and old friend. His father passed away a few weeks ago and he and his siblings are trying to figure out how best to dispose of an asset their father owned. This particular asset is a nice piece of property between Fredericksburg and Warrenton, Virginia. Pete brought lunch and we sat down with a land surveyor and a landscape architect who is experienced in subdivision layout and design and site design. Together we spent an hour brainstorming ideas to achieve the family’s goals of maximizing the value of the land their father worked so hard to purchase and maintain for his enjoyment and their future benefit. We came up with several ideas for Pete to pursue and, more importantly, we spent an hour with a friend.
At Balzer and Associates, Inc. we are proud to provide architectural, civil engineering, structural engineering, environmental engineering, soils, and land surveying services through our offices in Richmond, the Shenandoah Valley, the New River Valley, and Roanoke. The biggest reward we get for our efforts is the friendship of our clients. Let’s begin, re-kindle, or strengthen a friendship today.

Jim McAden