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A Sad Day

In 1960, Al James started a business in Salem, Virginia that fabricated wood trusses. Over the years that company grew and prospered and delivered innovative products to local builders and then expanded to provide its “Trussmark Homes” throughout our region and to countries such as Russia, Germany, Spain, Japan, Korea, China, Greece, Turkey, Israel, Mexico, Chile, and Cyprus. It’s hard to imagine how many homes and other buildings have Timber Truss under their roofs. In addition to their impact with their products, Timber Truss and its employees had a tremendous impact on our community, supporting so many charitable causes with their time, talent, products and money. The downturn in the housing industry over the past several years has claimed many victims. Today, sadly, it claims another. Balzer and Associates, Inc. salutes Al James, Gary Saunders and the hundreds of dedicated Timber Truss employees who have provided shelter in so many ways to our community and literally to the world. We will miss you!  

Jim McAden